Jena To Fight MMA

We announced on our podcast that Jena would be transitioning to MMA in late 2020. Since then, she’s completely dedicated all of her training to that pursuit. She signed with LFA for her pro debut.

Our friend, Andre Borges, runs one of the best MMA and jiu jitsu news sites on the planet, BJJHeroes. We probably can’t do a better job than him of sharing the news, so just read his article.

Known for her aggressive and scrappy style, Bishop always showed potential for a transition into cage-fighting, a thought that also crossed Jena’s thoughts in the past: “I’ve always wanted to try MMA, but never wanted to take time away from training BJJ to really focus on fighting,” Bishop told BJJ Heroes on February 2021.

You can learn more and see what Jena had to say about this in our Q&A show with her about fighting MMA. Our family and friends thought the announcement was about us having a baby. We made them sad.