Tyler and Jena Bishop are jiu jitsu black belts, grappling instructors at Alliance in San Diego, CA, and have been married for over 11 years. Tyler and Jena Bishop received their black belts from JW Wright in St. Louis, MO under the Gracie Humaita association (where Tyler and Jena served as instructors for nearly a decade). Jena received her black belt in July of 2013, and Tyler received his in July of 2014 from Royler Gracie.

They started one of the most popular destinations for BJJ stats and information in 2009. In the last few years, that site hasn’t really been updated.

“The Bishops” have been featured in industry articles as “BJJs Hottest Couple” and are the hosts of Not Fighting — a show about relationships, grappling, MMA, and the jiu jitsu lifestyle.

Outside of Jiu Jitsu, Tyler is a successful software executive and Jena is pursuing a professional MMA career.