A podcast that you can watch or listen to whether you like fighting or not (if you like old episodes).

UPDATE: Due to busy schedules and Jena’s rise to one of the best female flyweights in Pro MMA, the Bishops currently are not recording new episodes. However, listeners of the show got a unique peak at what it was like over the course of all our episodes the decision for Jena to turn pro in MMA all the way through her first and second fights. We hope those that listened enjoyed the journey as much as we have. Maybe one day we’ll have time to come back to the show again.

Not Fighting is technically a podcast but you can watch our show on YouTube or go more in-depth in some of our articles here. We understand if you only want to listen to the podcast in places like Spotify or Apple Podcasts but we think you’re missing out.

This site is always being experimented on. Tyler is an impatient developer. That means the site will be down sometimes. It’s sort of like grappling with the internet.

Got here by accident?


Ok. Well, don’t leave.

Check out some of our episodes or articles. Our show is mainly about grappling, MMA, relationships, and other stuff too.

Oh hey, we have a store sometimes too. Jena started her pro MMA career and sometimes we’ll offer limited products to anyone interested in getting on her bandwagon early.

Who are we tho?

The Bishops… well, that’s who we are. Separately, we’re Tyler and Jena… Bishop.

Jena is one of the most accomplished American female submission grapplers and jiu jitsu black belts in history w/ 16 years of experience competing at the highest levels of the sport; accumulating world titles and records across multiple organizations and events. In 2020 Jena began her pro MMA career and has amassed a 6-0 record against experienced and talented competition. Her first 4 fights were in LFA (Legacy Fighting Alliance) and in 2022 signed a contract with Bellator; where she has since fired off 2 more wins with the majority of her fights ending by submission. She boasts appearances at ADCC, a staunchly pro-dog world-view, and thinks magic is lame.

Tyler is a jiu jitsu black belt, former MMA champion, and successful technology executive. A bit of a renaissance man and humble self-promotor, Tyler finds time to do everything from magic, to pro sports commentary, to hosting global events at Google as a part of his career as a technology executive.

Together, they hold over 100 titles, accomplishments, and awards in BJJ and MMA (Jena with many time more than Tyler) and recognized in the fight community as a single entity (i.e The Bishops; rather than Tyler or Jena).

The Bishops have been married for over a decade. Crazy, right? Yet, they’ll be the first to tell you that they rarely argue or “fight” anywhere but on the mats.

Who wins when Tyler and Jena roll? The fans 🙂